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Look & See Limited Exam

We offer a $20 look and see exam to any new patient who is in need of a dental examination to determine the cause of any sort of concern or discomfort they may be having.  In order for a dental professional to accurately assess a condition in the oral cavity, there are several steps to be taken and items needed.  With our $20 look and see exam, you will get all of these so we can assure we have all of the information necessary to make a clear diagnosis and explain what treatment will be needed to correct it!  Your look and see exam may include:

  • Periapical Radiographs:  This type of intraoral x-ray focuses on one specific tooth, and displays all areas of that tooth from top to bottom. The number of x-rays taken will depend on patient specific details and the doctors’ prescription.
  • Intraoral Photographs:  We use an intraoral camera to help us see areas that are more difficult to get clear views of with our mirrors. If desired, you will be able to view these photos as well!
  • Vitality Testing:  It is sometimes necessary to test different teeth or different areas of one tooth to gain a better understanding of the location, type and severity of the discomfort you may be having. There are a variety of tests that can be performed and any of these are included in your look and see exam.
  • Tooth Specific Evaluation:  The doctor will utilize all of the information gathered, along with an intraoral examination of the hard and soft tissue of your problem area, to explain the treatment best suited for you.
  • Customized Treatment Plan:  You will be given a printed version of the treatment plan the doctor discusses with you.  It will list any diagnosed treatment, as well as pricing and monthly payment options. We will assure you are 100% clear on what is being recommended before you leave the office!
  • Same day Treatment:  In most cases, we will be able to begin treatment the same day you are in for the exam!  If the practice schedule does not allow this, we will assure any pain is relieved and you are taken care of as quickly as possible!

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